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Our job is to detect, defend and protect organisations and individuals against cyber crimes, now that the Internet have gone fully commercial, affordable and accessible, therefore paving ways for e-commerce activities which in turn has produced soft lands for the rapid growth in cyber crimes. Therefore, it is worthy to note that, compromised customers data, reputation lost and compensation to customers cannot be quantified monetarily because these are long term damages and that’s why you need to sign a deal with CIPANE Cyber Security Consultants Ltd.

The combination of our highly skilled professionals in various IT disciplines, our generics tools as well as commercially available tools and our partners, have given us the ability to detect, defend and protect you and your organisation from cyber threats within or outside the African continent.

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With the combination of our advanced generic security tools and next generation security tools, you can be sure of the best!

Cyber Security and Information Security training courses are provided worldwide through PECB authorized partners, and are certified by PECB

ASV SCAN. Have your payment cards environments scanned for security vulnerabilities by an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) at least every 90 days and during a major change to such environment.

With the Internet of Things network, we have interwoven highly skilled professionals to present to our clients, the most excellent smart ecosystems. Smart homes, hospitals, farms, factories, etc

We leverage on users/clients needs to design custom solutions with great user experience when developing web, mobile and desktop applications

Cloud Security and Infrastructures Security Audits provide your organisation with security insight for better decisions.

Our Core Services

Cybersecurity Services

What we do here are Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing, Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Incident Handling, Event Management, Hacking Forensics, Network Security, Digital Forensics and Web Application Security.

ISO/IEC 17024 Trainings and Certifications. (Cybersecurity and Information Security)

With PECB training courses, opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Regardless of your field of expertise, PECB offers training courses that speak to your needs and reflect the latest standards, technologies, approaches, most innovative methods, and practical examples.

Hard disk surgery and data recovery.

Our class 10,000 clean room combined with our professionally produced generic tools, damaged hard disk components are transplanted and data are recovered to about 88% or more. However, the success rate depends on the magnitude of the hard disk damage. You cannot expect a hard drive that has been opened to attain the same success rate with one which has not.

Software Development and Website Designs

We are unique website designers and software development professionals providing cutting edge software engineering solutions, helping companies and enterprises solve complex problems by designing reliable and scalable enterprise software to support the many day-to-day operations, allowing integration with other software used by the organisations.

Smart Ecosystems

Designing and building an ecosystems where appliances, machines and sensors communicate each other and operate without the human intervention. Such ecosystem include smart homes, hospitals, farms and factories. You tell us what you’d like and we’ll tell the machines how to do it.

Civic Surveillance, Control and Monitoring systems.

You can sign a contract with us to design and setup a secured, flexible and scalable Civic Surveillance and Control System in cities, schools, hospitals and any public places.


Question & Answer

What is the first thing to do if I suspected a cyber security breach?

The first thing to do when you suspect a cyber security breach is to quickly put a call across to your network administrator and if the threat poses a great danger, then call your country’s emergency number.

Do I get all my data back if my hard disk drive was fixed?

The volume of data to be retrieved from your hard disk drive depends on the level of damage on the hard disk drive. However, hard disk drive that has been opened before, stands a little chance of data recovery.

How long does it take to detect a security breach?

It can take as little as minutes to years before detection depending on the magnitude of sophisticated skills applied by the threat actor as well as the kind of the security infrastructures and personnel in place.

How do I become a good cyber security personnel?

You will need to understand basic computer principles, understand the internal components of a computer, understand computer networking which will help you to understand data transmission, data processing and data storage. Then you can build up on these knowledge.