About Us

CIPANE Cyber Security Consultants Ltd

CIPANE (Computer Information Protection And Network Experts) was incorporated in June 2018 with the motive of collaborating with other cybersecurity bodies to combat the evolving threats in the cyberspace and creating secured cyberspace for Information Technology Collaborations.


CIPANE is a young but vibrant result-oriented
organization specialized in cybersecurity, software, smart ecosystems, hardware engineering and network services. We work in collaboration with several other partners within and outside Nigeria, making sure we achieve our set objectives.

Joshua Caleb

What I love about CIPANE the most, is her brain storming abilities to find solutions to IT problems.

Fateema Yusuf

Successfully done job is what you get from a team, made up of young vibrant and passionate IT professionals

Esther Philip

All hopes were lost when my hard drive went bad, until CIPANE became my champion

Kabir Amin

The exhibition of great skills with professional touches had kept me glued to CIPANE. Over the years, I have enjoyed great maintenance services from CIPANE.

Management Team

Usman Ahmadu-Suka
Chairman, Board of Directors


Abdulrasheed Audu
Executive Director


Sadiq Ahmadu-Suka
Director, Computer Engineering


Ammad Minhas Mahmood
Director, Cyber Security.


Jacobs Ajibola Mathias
Director, Software Engineering.


Samson Ejim
Manager, Information Technology


Sadiq Idris Amana
Network Manager


Auwal Abubakar Doobai
Marketing Manager